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The agriculture division of ZBG was subsumed under Zweegers Equipment Group on 9 May 2022. This new group was founded by Frank Zweegers and Gerrit van der Scheer. Ambitious plans are afoot for a major expansion of the machinery portfolio in the agriculture, lawn and park, construction and industry sectors with companies in Europe and later in North America too.

Parent company ZBG was launched by Frank Zweegers in 1982 and is focused on developing – and investing in – real estate, agriculture and technology. ZBG Group has a solid financial structure. By setting up Zweegers Equipment Group, Frank Zweegers and Gerrit van der Scheer got the intention to give the equipment business a major boost.


Frank Zweegers was born in the south of the Netherlands, into a family of entrepreneurs: all with an extensive track record, including in the agricultural industry.

He believes in stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit in the managers of the companies in his portfolio. He also believes in investing in companies that create sustainable long-term value - both financially and materially.

Because of his innovative approach, ZBG's portfolio has changed dramatically over the last few years. Recently, Frank's portfolio has been merged and clustered in three business areas: real estate development and investment, agriculture and technology. In each area, ZBG companies aim to use natural elements of the earth to improve people's lives.


Zweegers Equipment Group is headed up by Gerrit van der Scheer (CEO), whose many years of involvement in Royal Reesink have given him an unrivalled knowledge of the equipment business. Under his leadership, Royal Reesink grew into an international distributor and service provider for a wide array of equipment brands.


We want to invest in companies that are preferably private or family-owned, in the equipment industry, covering the following segments:
  • Construction
  • Industrial equipment
  • Agriculture
  • Turfcare
Initially we focus on companies located in Europe. Later we will extend this to North America.

We have a strong focus on the lifecycle of equipment to enable our customers.

For the ZWEEGERS equipment group it is important to build long-term relationships; managed by strong and local entrepreneurship with a keen eye for people and details in the business.


Our strengths are:
  • Expertise in building a high level service organization. Based on customer needs;
  • Local entrepreneurship, close to our customers;
  • We create synergies between customers and suppliers, by an attractive installed base model;
  • Down to earth mentality;
  • Safe environment for our people, where they can develop their talents;
  • We have a strong eye on ethical standards and values, based on respect and trust.

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